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Thank you for your interest in the Praise Family Podcast. A podcast is audio or video files on the internet that you can download to your iPod, iPad, iPhone or computer. The Praise Family Podcast includes messages from Pastor Tom Turner and others from the Sunday Celebration Service and Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study.

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Desktop Directions:

1. Download and install iTunes. (If you do not have iTunes go to

2. Launch iTunes and click on the Music Store.

3. Click on the Podcast link in the Music Store.

4. At the top of the page search for, “Praise Family Podcast”.

5. Click the Picture next to podcast information.

6. Click Subscribe.

iOS Directions:

1. Download the podcast app from the app store.

2.  Search for, “Praise Family Podcast”.

3. Click the Picture next to podcast information.

4. Click Subscribe.

The Archive

We have been recording messages since 1995, when Pastor Tom Turner first started at Praise Family Church. Currently our archive is being converted to new digital formats and sorted topically so that it can be available to everyone. You can access several years of messages in Dropbox by using the link below. Check back often as we are adding new messages all the time.