Lead A Grafting Point

GRAFT is our interest-based small groups ministry. Each group or “Grafting Point” is a place to get connected within the Body of Christ. We connect through activities, community service opportunities, ministry in the church and places for personal growth. Our goal is to be continually connecting people to God and to each other.

The Christian life is made possible by Jesus but is strengthened by believers coming alongside. Many times people are coming out of bad home situations or just have friends that their new life in Christ won’t tolerate. It’s easy to come to church, sit in a service and leave without having meaningful relationship. Many Christians old and new alike are lonely and have no encouragement to continue their walk with Christ. That is why getting connected to like-minded believers is so important. GRAFT is that opportunity. Most of the GRAFT Leader’s job is to facilitate Godly fun. Sure, there is growth, but fellowship is the essential ingredient we are looking to add.

Anyone can lead a Grafting Point because everyone has interests. Just use the interests you already have to GRAFT people into the Body of Christ. Here are a few Grafting Point ideas to get you started:

Book club
Nursing home ministry
Game night
Horse riding group
Crochet group
A DVD study series
Bow practice group
Football night
Moms of toddlers
Weight loss groups
 . . .you get the idea.


Grafting Point Leader Requirements

1. The leader must be a member of Praise Family Church

2. Turn in Leaders Request Form

3. Turn in dates you plan for your Grafting Point to meet

4. Don’t change the dates if at all possible (any changes must be approved)

5. Complete the Leadership Report after each meeting of your Grafting Point

6. Coordinate any other details pertaining to that group (for example, you would have to reserve bowling lanes if you lead a bowling group.)


We Will Help You Advertise!

The GRAFT Fair

Each Grafting Point gets a table to show what they are all about. Conveniently planned on a Sunday, everyone from Praise will have a chance to sign up for your group.


We will list your Grafting Point on our website. (Check some that are currently listed here.)


We print a catalog featuring every Grafting Point for each session.


 Use the form below to learn more or get started.

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