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About Us

Praise Family Church strives to be more than your run-of-the-mill church.  Understanding the need of every person to find and fulfill his or her purpose in life, we are convinced that the answer to everything in life is found in the Word of God.  Therefore, every program, every class, every ministry finds its basis in the Word.

We realize that the Church is not a structure, nor is it a set of programs.  Rather, the Church is people.  So, everything we do is about reaching and helping people —  because people last forever.

We call ourselves a family church because we believe it is our calling to reach every person (regardless of age, background, or interests) with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Not only that, we want to minister to those people once they are no longer lost.  In addition, we fully understand that we must operate as the family of God.  We are keenly aware that we are in this together!

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Pastor Tom Turner began pastoring Praise in February of 1995. Beginning with a total attendance of only twelve in that first service, Praise Family Church has been transformed into a strong, healthy, growing local body that is involved in ministry all around the world.

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We absolutely love kids at Praise!  We take children and ministering to them very seriously. From the youngest infant to the most rambunctious twelve-year-old, we have something going on that any youngster is sure to enjoy.

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Our Student Ministries offer a wide variety of ministry and activities for Junior High, High School and College-age young people.

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We have ministries specific to Men, Women and Seniors. Focusing on the unique challenges, joys and surprises of adulthood.

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One of the easiest and most effective ways to get connected at Praise is through our small groups ministry, GRAFT. We have dozens of Grafting Points meeting in workplaces, homes and coffeehouses throughout the Gulf Cost. Whether you are looking for community, service opportunities or Bible study, there’s something for you.

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Praise Family Church believes in missions. Not only do we support missions work around the world, we regularly send teams to various places worldwide in order to help fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. We believe that all Christians are called to “take the good news of Jesus Christ” into “all the world.” One of our goals is that every person who calls Praise their home will go on at least one missions outreach in their lifetime.

Our Core Values

The Word

The Bible is our “rule for faith and practice.” Everything we do, what we believe and the direction we take all must line up with God’s Word.


Not only do we strive to minister to every member of every family, we also realize that we must operate as the family of God.


We choose to operate as “sons” of God, not as slaves, because “sons have a stake in the family business.”


This is not defined as perfection; instead, we believe we should always do the very best we can with whatever we have.


We never compromise our message, but are always looking for new, culturally sensitive ways to relay it.

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Our Vision

Praise Family Church is a body of believers whose philosophy of ministry is based on the description of the New Testament Church found in the Bible.  Jesus is the head of the church and people are accountable to Him.  The church does not save, heal, or restore – God does.

Striving to be real and alive, we are not bound by a religious mindset or tradition for tradition’s sake.  However, we aren’t independent of accountability, either.  Praise is in good standing as an Assemblies of God congregation.

We are not a church that looks to do things differently just to be different.  However, a person accustomed to typical church structure may not understand why we do the things we do.  As you’ll hear often at Praise, if you do not understand our heart, you won’t understand our methods.  Conversely, when you know our heart, you’ll understand what we do.

Our Mission

To be a powerful family church, reaching and transforming our city, our region, our nation and our world with a relevant presentation of the full Gospel!