Help those most affected by Hurricane Irma

Help those most affected by Hurricane Irma
We are filling an eighteen wheeler with much needed supplies for the victims of Hurricane Irma in Southwest Florida. This was one of the hardest hit areas in the US. Since these items are needed right away, we are only collecting from 9 AM until noon on Tuesday, September 12 at the church. Below is a list of the requested items.
Main Things Needed:
•    Cases of bottled water
•    Peanut butter
•    Jelly
•    Bread
•    Nonperishable food
•    Gatorade
•    Toilet paper
•    Batteries
•    Diapers
•    Baby wipes
•    Feminine products


Other Items: 
•    5 gallon gas cans
•    Paper plates
•    Plastic utensils
•    Paper cups
•    Personal hygiene items
•    Mosquito repellent
•    Bleach—unscented
•    Dust masks


If possible, please box as many items as you can and label the boxes according to what is inside.


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