New Series

New Series

So, you’re at the mall doing some Christmas shopping with the family. You’re all geared up to celebrate Jesus’ birthday in the most appropriate way possible: buying stuff. Then, out of nowhere, a worker from the video game store utters an unforgivable curse as you walk out. “Happy Holidays!” Gasp. Rage fills your heart. Visions of sugar plums dancing have been replaced with visions of boycotts and viral video blogs about the traumatizing experience. You take a deep breath, smile slyly, lean forward and respond, “Merry. Christmas.” Boom. You ride away in slow motion on your high horse as the Jesus bomb you just dropped on that pagan explodes in the background. If Jesus were here in the flesh, he’d be proud. Or would he?

In this challenging series, Pastor Tom explores how Christians should really act in a culture that no longer adheres to Christianity, while also exploring the undeniable Christian heritage of Christmas that exists regardless of what we call the holiday. Join us Sunday at 8:45 and 10:30 AM.


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