Dangerous Prayers

Dangerous Prayers

Most of the prayers we’re taught from a young age are “safe prayers”—simple repetitions that cover us “just in case.”  However, God never called us to pray safe prayers.  In this brand new series, Pastor Tom charges that only bold, “gutsy” prayers can bring about Kingdom results.  While our human nature may trap us into “playing it safe,” God has called His people to pray “Dangerous Prayers,” in order to achieve genuine eternal results. 

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  1. Rachael 2 years ago

    Pastor Tom came to NLFC this Subday to preach, and his words and wisdom giving this message, I feel, have the ability to start a revival in any church that hears. Search me, Reveal to me, break me of my sin and lead me….I know that there is a calling on every single person in this world and pastor Tom broke it down….all I can say is, “WOW!”

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